Suzanne is often asked whether couples counseling, and the Imago method in particular, are effective methods with gay and lesbian couples.  The answers are yes, and yes. Couples counseling can achieve relationship breakthroughs regardless of race, religious background, financial/social standing, education or sexual orientation.  In fact, the usual top relational problems for couples (money, sex, family ties, loss of closeness) appear just as often in homosexual as heterosexual couples. But gay and lesbian couples may face additional problems that other couples do not have to deal with: •  Dealing with social and cultural resistance to same sex couples •  Gay and lesbian marriage prohibitions •  Pressures of coming out as a couple •  Lack of family support as a couple •  Extra pressures when determining where children may fit in with same sex parents •  Dealing with HIV/AIDS (although heterosexual couples are catching up here) Part of the exercises that all couples do when following the Imago method of marriage counseling is the examination of their respective childhoods.  Exploring the Imago concept of childhood wounding can be especially effective for gay clients who may have experienced being “different” from everyone else around them when they were growing up. Imago Relationship therapy offers a safe place to explore good reasons for gay and lesbian couples to stay together, without the interference of homophobia or other societal judgments.  In fact, studies have shown that straight couples may have something to learn from homosexual couples in the way they handle their conflicts.  Suzanne Corcoran is a licensed clinical social worker practicing in Rockville, Maryland and has over 20 years of experience in helping people with marriage issues, including gay and lesbian couples.  Please call her at 301-272- 1320 for a free initial consultation with Suzanne by phone to talk about your current situation and how Suzanne may be able to help you.  
Couples Counseling for Gays & Lesbians
Suzanne Corcoran, LCSW-C, Counseling for Couples and Individuals in Rockville, Maryland