Falling in love is a wondrous thing.  Living seems more vibrant and your partner seems perfect in every way.  Couples enter the premarital stage with soaring hearts and high expectations.  Yet fewer than 50% of all marriages survive, and few newly engaged couples want to address this fearsome issue.  But since divorce is such a catastrophic outcome, doesn’t it make sense to invest the time and trouble to grow the skills it takes to make marriage work? Seeking premarital counseling is actually a clear demonstration to each other that you value a long term commitment to your relationship.  Arranging a wedding can be very stressful.  Counseling sessions can actually relieve some of the stress created by the wedding planning process by teaming the both of you together during the counseling sessions. Premarital counseling can help you both clarify your personal expectations, dreams, desires and goals.  Are they compatible? Will there be one or two careers? Who will do the family financial bookkeeping?  Separate or joint accounts? What about children?  How many?  What parenting style will be used?  What faith/religion? What about the blending of a new family?  Non-biological children?  Ex-spouses? What about expectations of intimacy/sexuality? The premarital counseling sessions, held in my office in Rockville, Maryland, will help you reach a better understanding of your partner’s family of origin to deepen the understanding of your partner and enhance the bonding between you.   You will also learn the communications and conflict solving skills necessary for a successful long term relationship. Many couples considering marriage choose to attend one of my couples workshops which are not just for married couples.  In an enjoyable three hour session you will learn much about your partner and how to improve your new lives together.  
Premarital Counseling
Suzanne Corcoran, LCSW-C, Counseling for Couples and Individuals in Rockville, Maryland