Fearful feelings are perfectly normal reactions to many circumstances of everyday life.  We can classify fear as being a response to a clear threat of physical danger, such as a having near miss on the highway when avoiding a car accident. We can also experience more intangible threats.  Going on a job interview or giving a speech may produce reactions we can classify as anxiety.  We all fret about something from time to time, and a little anxiety in some cases may even actually help us perform some tasks more successfully, keeping us "on our toes." But sometimes anxiety can get in the way and overwhelm us to the point where we have worried thoughts repeating themselves endlessly.  These feelings of anxiousness can be extreme and out of proportion to the real threat and they can last for long periods of time.  When we have anxiety levels that we cannot manage by ourselves then we are said to suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. Symptoms of anxiety may include: •  Constant worrying about things that are not likely to occur •  General fatigue, lack of energy or problems sleeping •  Avoidance of crowds, open spaces, long travel by plane, train or car •  Trouble concentrating or "blanking out" •  Uncontrollable repeated behaviors like washing of hands or checking door locks •  A fullness feeling in the throat or chest •  A sensitive startle reflex •  Sudden racing of the heart, difficulty breathing, dry mouth, teeth grinding, sweating, dizziness or panic attacks •  Muscle aches, soreness, tension, twitching or trembling •  Anxiety symptoms are often combined with symptoms of depression. Suzanne Corcoran has extensive experience with working these symptoms in individuals in her practice in Rockville, Maryland.  She can help you determine if you have a generalized anxiety disorder and can help you with the right anxiety management techniques that can work for you.  Please contact her at her office in Rockville, Maryland.
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