There is no place for blame, contempt, defensiveness or caustic criticism in a successful loving relationship.  These things can creep into the communications between loving partners. Imago Relationship therapy teaches couples how to nurture each other and calm their own defensiveness at the same time. Based on Dr. Harville Hendrix's book, Getting the Love You Want, this marriage counseling approach combines intensive self-awareness work with behavior techniques that couples can use on their own to create more safety and security with each other. Communications difficulties are often at the root of marital problems.  Marriage counseling using the Imago method is based mostly on the communication exercises that you follow with your partner during the counseling sessions.  You can quickly learn the required skills to establish comfort and safety whenever you speak with your partner.  You learn how to stay in control of yourself without automatically reacting so instinctively and defensively that your partner is driven away.  You learn to express your frustrations to your partner without your partner feeling threatened so that effective and loving communication can continue. Through other exercises that follow, you can rediscover why you were attracted to your partner in the first place, and rekindle that affection.  Suzanne uses these exercises extensively in her practice in Rockville, Maryland.
IMAGO Relationship Therapy
Suzanne Corcoran, LCSW-C, Counseling for Couples and Individuals in Rockville, Maryland