Do we need marriage counseling?  What's happened to us?  Is this the same person I married?  Am I the same person I used to be?  Why do we argue so much?  Will we ever be happy again in our marriage? These are the kinds of questions that often lead couples to consider working with a professional marriage therapist. Sometimes married couples can't quite put their finger on what's wrong.  They only know that they feel distant from one another or are losing respect for their partner.  They may be fantasizing about being single again, having affairs or simply finding themselves increasingly resentful and bitter. A marriage counselor can help you to : •  Identify what's missing in your marriage •  Learn specific skills to stabilize, develop and strengthen your relationship •  Comfortably examine conflict and negotiate change in complete safety Suzanne successfully helps Maryland couples resolve conflict and enhance their relationships. She offers introductory counseling workshops as well as couples therapy consultations in her Rockville office.  Suzanne uses the Imago method in her marriage counseling work, a method known for quick results.  You can read more about the techniques that Suzanne uses and how they work in her practice in Rockville, Maryland. Marriage counseling is for you if : •  You are in a good relationship and you want to make it even better •  You argue frequently and you want to find a way to resolve conflicts together •  Your relationship is in trouble and you want to save it •  You want to set a high standard for your children and their future relationships Often, people do not seek marriage counseling until a crisis occurs.  But it is a worthwhile investment anytime in your relationship which will pay large dividends to you, your partner and your children in the long run.  Marriage counselors value confidentiality and are also respectful of each partner's values and traditions so they create a safe haven for solving marital problems. With over 20 years of experience, Suzanne is very experienced at ushering couples through times of marital troubles, helping to stabilize things long enough for real healing to begin.  Please call Suzanne at her office in Rockville, Maryland at 301-272-1320 to talk about your current situation and to find out how she can help you.
Marriage Counseling in Maryland
Suzanne Corcoran, LCSW-C, Counseling for Couples and Individuals in Rockville, Maryland